What Does it Take to Succeed at Self-Publishing?

Essential Fact: Marketing Is More Important Than Writing

If that sounds excruciating to you, then turn and run. The sooner the better.

Because as much as you see yourself as a writer, without killer marketing you are at a monster-sized disadvantage.

Let me tell you the difference between the writers who collect HUGE royalties, month after month, from Amazon's Kindle program and those who crash like a wounded duck.

The bestsellers aren't bestsellers because they write well. They may well do, but that isn't the reason why.

No, the bestsellers are bestsellers because they know exactly what works and what doesn't when it comes to selling books.

"Well that's unfair!" I hear you cry.

Sure is. 

But then so is life. Most people miss out.

So what's to be done?

Learn what works!

Think the top-dogs got there by total fluke? Wrong! They figured out the marketing rules (with the right help) and didn't quit until they'd turned their incredible dreams of self-publishing riches into the real thing.

Not sure if you need help?

Think about being faced with the task of building a bridge to span a huge river.

You start with an idea. A basic clue as to what it will look like.

Then you draw it. Take measurements. 

But do you build it by trial and error? Of course not. 

People have been building bridges for hundreds of years. Knowledge has been passed down. 

The right materials to use. The right methods. The pioneers did all the ground work. You just need to take their rules and adapt them to your bridge. 

Certainly beats a river full of steel and concrete from failed attempts.

And if you stick to the rules and follow the plans your bridge takes shape. Before you know it the river isn't an obstacle, but a nice view from a breathtaking structure.

And in the same way that pioneering bridge builders have made our engineering lives far easier, so pioneering marketers have taken the guess work out of successful self-publishing.

So forget the bridge and see yourself with a wickedly effective self-publishing system. Your dream. Your writing keeping your wallet full and your soul inspired. A name for yourself that is forever tied to astonishing success. A smile so wide your cheeks hurt.

It isn't so difficult that it hasn't been done before. And it isn't so difficult that it can't be taught by men who have done exactly the same thing. The trial and error obsolete. Leaving you to build your bridge.

My pioneer of choice? Stefan Pylarinos.

He's written the closest thing to a blueprint you will ever find - an altogether jaw-dropping way of looking at self-publishing. 

And just how much easier will life be with a steady flow of inside information? 

Expect massive strides forward without fanfare or drama. 

So access below right now, before he decides to charge a shed-load more for his advice, or remove his outrageous trial discount offer.

Stefan Pylarinos

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