The Greatest Book-Selling Tool in the World

The Big Publishers Would Just Love You to Miss Out

When big publishers like Penguin, or Mcgraw Hill or Simon and Schuster have a new book coming out, what do you think they do?

Think they post links on Twitter and Facebook and wait for the sales to pour in?

Afraid not.

Think they pay $20 or more to an E-zine owner or a book reviewer to send out one measly message on their behalf?


So what do they do?

Simple. They fire off an e-mail to everybody on their e-mail list. Everybody who has ever shown an interest in their books, be that libraries, book stores, online merchants, schools, you name it. Now that's powerful.

So how do you measure up?

How do your marketing efforts stack up against the big boys?

Maybe you think you don't have the money to compete?

Wrong! You can start e-mail marketing for small change. In fact you can start with a 30 Day Free-Trial (more on that later).

Think nobody will read your e-mails? Wrong again. It's statistically proven that e-mails are more effective.

Mailmunch blog sums it up like this:

If you have 2,000 e-mail subscribers, 2,000 Facebook followers and 2,000 Twitter followers, this is what you will get -

  • 435 people will open your e-mail
  • 120 Facebook fans will see your message
  • 40 Twitter followers will see your message

This is based on average rates, but you get the picture. Your reach is jaw-dropping with e-mail.

Not to mention click-through rates. Your click-through rates with e-mail will be 50-100 times greater than you would get on Facebook or Twitter. If you're not familiar with click-through rates, it simply means the percentage of readers that click-through to your order page.

And it's not just your book sales that will rocket. Think of the reviews you'll be able to get. We all know how much they can create a wave of eager buyers.

Maybe you're afraid you're not tech-savvy enough? Help is out there. Free help. It's in the e-mail provider's best interests to help you to set this stuff up. They have help desks, PDF guides and interactive tutorials. And if you're still struggling - there are thousands of people who will set it up for you on freelance websites like elancer, for next to nothing.

So let's imagine for a second that you get over your doubts and get going with an e-mail marketing account. You've written another book or a short story or whatever it may be. You've built up a nice bunch of subscribers by giving them something in exchange for their details. You're ready to rock n' roll!

At the click of a button you're blasting your product to many people - all of whom you KNOW are interested in what you do. You offer them an incentive. Perhaps a price reduction or a signed version if it's a printed book. Then you sit back and wait.

Don't forget, these people already know you. They're on your list and you communicate with them regularly. They dig what you do and they want to hear from you. 

You check your publishing platform some 24 hours later and lo and behold - a barrage of orders straight from your e-mail! And a royalty cheque to follow (there is no greater feeling than getting a royalty cheque).

And the amazing part is that you are only limited by your own ambition. If you're prepared to put in the effort and go about it in a structured way, your subscriber list can become staggering.

There are marketers out there - including many writers - who have e-mail lists in the tens of thousands. When they send out an e-mail they reap serious rewards, selling their books, stories and other products at the touch of a button - literally watching the money roll in.

If you're not chomping at the bit here then maybe you're in the wrong game.

If, however, you're ready to go hard ass, then get to it and click the link below.


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